1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Single-mode (LR) PA PA-POS-OC3SML

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The Cisco PA-POS-OC3 provides the same level of high-switching performance as the existing Packet over SONET/SDH Interface Processor (POSIP) in a single-wide port adapter design. This allows more flexible high-performance networks to be designed with greater port density. The Cisco PA-POS-OC3 is supported on the NPE-150 and NPE-200 in the Cisco 7200, and the VIP2-50 in the Cisco 7500. The PA-POS-OC3 is available in three physical interfaces: OC-3c/STM1 Multi-mode (MM), OC-3c/STM1 Single-mode Intermediate Reach (SM-IR), and OC-3c/STM1 Single-mode Long Reach (SM-LR).

Variants on the PA-POS-OC3:

  • PA-POS-OC3MM, 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Multi-mode Port Adapter
  • PA-POS-OC3SMI, 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Single-mode (IR) Port Adapter
  • PA-POS-OC3SML, 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Single-mode (LR) Port Adapter

Using the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), the PA-POS-OC3 maps IP packets into SONET/SDH frames in hardware and transports them over the optical SONET/SDH network. PPP was designed as a standard method of communicating over point-to-point links. The PA-POS-OC3 supports both RFC 1619, “PPP over SONET/SDH” and RFC 1662, “PPP in HDLC-Like Framing.”

The PA-POS-OC3 supports APS (and MSP) for network designs in which the Cisco 7200 or 7500 is connected directly to SONET/SDH equipment that also supports APS such as Add/Drop Multiplexors (ADM). The PA-POS-OC3 provides fault-tolerant backbone connectivity through SONET Automatic Protection Switching (APS), also known as SDH Multi-plex Section Protection (MSP), providing overall network survivability and robustness.

Manufacturer Cisco Systems, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number PA-POS-OC3SML
Brand Name Cisco
Product Name 1-Port Packet/SONET OC3c/STM1 Single-mode (LR) Port Adapter