About Us

At SubSpace Communications, the only thing I love more than monster movies is efficient network engineering!

Why I Can Call Myself an Expert

The first step in my network engineering education took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In a warehouse crammed with workstations, PDP systems, VAX Servers, and the remains of a giant robot or two, I learned how to make components work together in the best configuration possible.

When Compaq bought DEC, I knew that was the end for the DEC product line. No more VAX accounts or AlphaServers for me. I had to learn about networking and threw myself in headfirst. With the help of my best friend, partner, and husband, I learned some of the ins and outs of networking and how the pieces all fit together. Networking fascinated me (and still does), and I soon grew my knowledge base to include Brocade, Lucent, Extreme, and Juniper.

Hello Demand, My Name is Supply!

I recognized the demand for used networking equipment across the industry and started SubSpace Communications in 2003. I operate as a Women-Owned Business and pride myself on keeping up with the boys. I source all of my previously loved equipment from trustworthy companies. No detail is overlooked. Your success creates my success.

On Top of the Industry

In 2008, I became a Team Lead at InterOp. InterOp is one of the largest independent IT conferences in the world. Held in Las Vegas, New York City, Mumbai, and Tokyo each year, this conference is the best place for members of the IT community to come together to learn and share the newest technologies. This same year, I also joined the United Network Equipment Dealer Association (UNEDA), a group of over 300 used network equipment dealers who work together to keep business standards high in the industry.

In 2011, UNEDA awarded me their Rothschild Award for ethical practices and now I lead their membership committee! My role in UNEDA is a testimony in itself to my integrity and to my commitment to the field.